Executive Coaching

Preparing for Collaborative Behavioural Assessments

When it comes to large-scale projects and frameworks, organisations are no longer selected purely on the strength of their technical capability. Increasingly, clients are appointing psychologists to assess how well individuals and teams can consistently demonstrate the collaborative behaviours required for effective teamwork. Through a tailored programme of workshops and group coaching, our experts will apply their skills and experience to transform the way teams interact and prepare for all-important behavioural assessments. We recommend involving us early in the bid lifecycle so we can work with your delivery team to embed this vital knowledge into the bid responses.

Team coaching

High-performing teams thrive when they are working to a shared vision. Our experts can get straight to the heart of your team’s challenges, providing practical and proven tools to help them focus on key areas for continuous development. Applying practical tools and techniques, our approach to group coaching creates unified and collaborative teams early in the project lifecycle. This will not only help them adapt to change and manage stress and overwhelm, it will also enable them to develop and grow as a resilient and cohesive entity.