Hands-on Bid Support

Bid Management

With ever-increasing demands on people’s time, it can often prove valuable to engage external support to manage your bids. Our experienced bid managers will work efficiently to really understand your business and how your capability matches the needs of your clients. From facilitating planning workshops to gathering essential data and technical knowledge, they will work hard to hit the ground running and keep the bid on track. Making sure the responses are compliant and complete, they will manage the key deliverables and communicate progress against key milestones. They will apply their knowledge and skills to motivate the team and make sure everyone is supported and able to maximise their input to achieve best results. 

Bid Writing

Whether rolling up our sleeves to write or enhancing existing content, we will support you in creating a compelling, high-scoring value proposition. There is a direct relationship between how a bid is planned and how the end document is structured. With this in mind, we scrutinise the client’s requirements and work with you to create fresh content aligned to the client’s needs and scoring criteria. We can do this either by interviewing your Subject Matter Experts to extract their knowledge or, if content is ready, by working alongside them to improve their technical ‘approach’ so it is clear, concise and readable. This will make it easier for evaluators to understand and motivate them to award it a high mark. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Perhaps you have a team in place or in-house bid resource but they’re either stretched or they lack certain skills. Equipped with an understanding of ‘what good looks like’, our team will apply their knowledge and skills to review and hone the key messages in your documents. Coaching and guiding your existing team, we will add value by editing and improving the content before providing a final ‘top-to-tail’ check on the content to confirm it is not just compliant but meets and exceeds the award criteria.

Design and Visualisation

How a document is designed is crucial to its overall effectiveness. Creating a good first impression will motivate the evaluator, improve their understanding and, above all, achieve a better mark. Our pool of talented graphic designers can not only augment your bid documents and create compelling presentation material, they can also transform your entire bid strategy. By involving them from the planning stage and inviting them to work alongside your team, they will enhance your written content and highlight the value and uniqueness of your offer.