Research and Capture

Capture planning and client research

Proper planning before bid instructions are issued always increases the likelihood of success. We will work with you to develop a solid capture strategy to focus fully on understanding the client’s requirements and their objectives for the work they’re procuring. This information, combined with valuable data about your company’s processes and performance, will help you bring together the best of your organisation even before the documents land. Research is a key part of this strategy. Looking within your business and looking out to your client and competition will help you validate and improve your plan. 

Opportunity Finder

We provide a tailored and personalised Opportunity Finder service. Taking time to understand your strategic priorities, our team will act as an extension of your team to scrutinise the market and provide you with regular updates on suitable opportunities to help you target new or developing markets. This covers live opportunities but also provides a regular ‘market scan’ to draw out opportunities for early engagement on future projects so you can influence and gauge the nature of these projects when they come out to tender. This is particularly important for major infrastructure projects and programmes, helping you improve pipeline visibility and capitalise on growth.