Skills Development

Bid Writing Workshops

How we write is just as important as what we write. Even with a top-notch technical solution and the best people, if the evaluator struggles to understand your bid and isn’t motivated to award it high marks, it will fail. Our bid writing workshops equip technical teams with the skills and understanding to make the best contribution to a response. They help delegates understand how to align with the client’s requirements which, in turn, will help them plan better and write more clearly. We provide detailed guidance and tailored examples to help them write with greater confidence and efficiency. 

Bid Manager Development Programme

Our in-house Bid Manager Development Programme provides bid managers with the knowledge and skills to deliver client-centric, well-planned documents in an efficient and cost-effective way. Aligned to the best practice of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, the Programme combines three types of intervention: instruction, coaching and mentoring. We aim to spread the learning over six to eight weeks; this not only allows delegates to fit the sessions around other commitments but also, importantly, enables them to apply the learning on live pursuits. To reinforce the learning, delegates will also be set manageable mini-projects after each session and be encouraged to feed back on their progress.

Knowledge Management

Regardless of its size, producing a winning bid can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain. It doesn’t have to be so challenging. We can help you organise and manage your content so recent and relevant information is at your fingertips. One of the hardest tasks can be gathering and updating key metrics that clients depend upon to assess how well your organisation is performing. They are not only interested in what you have done before; they also want to know how you can predict future success based on past performance. We will advise you on how best to gather and organise vital evidence and how to present this in your bid so it improves your scores.