Strategic Advice

'Value Add' Review

If you have a document soon to be submitted, we offer a ‘Value Add’ Review service to enhance near-final drafts of bids and PQQs. We will study the client’s requirements and evaluation criteria and check that responses are compliant and complete, highlighting any concerns and enabling you to act on them immediately. We will also improve the text’s readability so it is clear and confident, proofreading and editing the final drafts for errors and inconsistencies. If the deadline has already passed, we could happily review what was submitted and, in the same way, make suggestions to help you improve further for the next opportunity. We offer the same service for capability statements, CVs and other work winning materials – and even awards submissions.

Bidding ‘Health Check’

Independent advice and perspective can bring measurable benefits to the way you bid for work. Our experts will perform a ‘Health Check’, observing how you are set up for bidding, evaluating what works well and where improvements could be made. Once we have shared our findings, we will provide advice and coaching to help you achieve better results. Sharing industry-leading tools and techniques, we will work with you to transform your bidding capability and, where needed, train your teams to apply these competencies to win more work. This may, for example, include coaching to improve writing skills, developing a knowledge library or simplifying your processes.